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Elite travel as a way of life

Hello! Nice to see you in our cruise travel community. I'm Ilga from Riga. I adore traveling and vacations on cruise ships.

Aout me

I'm born in Latvia in a small city Varakļāni. In everyday life I work as an food making tehnologist. Many years I worked in various cafeterias, made tables for big events, made cakes etc. There was a lot of work and not so much time for vacations. Now I work in food service field. My hobbies are floristics and decoupage.

Here is a little video from the last traveling.
About cruises club

I have been interested in cruise travel long time but never had time to explore it. 3 years ago I found out about cruise club. This was my chance to make my dream come true. Now I have been already in three cruises and the feeling was unbelievable. I understood that this is the most afordable, comfortable and exciting way to travel. To see lots of beautiful excotic places. And in that way I started to travel and work in this project at the same time. I have met lots of new friends and people who think alike. Not only we travel together we also meet each other in different kind of events in everyday life. Life has different colors now. In 2 cruises I was in the Mediterranean sea where i visited 6 countries. And in 2022 i made another of my dreams come true. I traveled to America. Cruise was for 20 days and i visited Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas, Tortola, Buzios, St Maarten, Nassau, Road Town, Fort de France, Rio de Janeiro. In 2024 year I plan to visit Asia and this year 4 cruise ship lines will join the company. This field of business grows rapidly. Don't wait for better times, live now!

To find out how you and your family can travel the world in a very interesting and high-quality way in a few years, see the whole world, save time and money, fill in your details and get very useful information from me about the benefits of cruise travel, the discount program of the international cruise club and other opportunities .


For any questions feel free to contact me:


Ilga Nāzare

+371 26544862

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